Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dynamics CRM 2011 Form Script Analyzer

Dynamics CRM 2011 Form Script Analyzer

Few weeks ago i needed to get all the Javascript that is running in one of our customers Dynamics CRM 2011 Organization, I needed to get out all the Web Resource that are used, where are they used, what are the function that are running and on what are they running on (Onload, OnChange, OnSave, Ribbon buttons).
It was sisyphean work but after going over each Web Resource and their dependencies, I got the list out. This is what made me think, maybe I should build such a tool that takes it all out to an CSV file.

Yesterday, while surfing the web I've found the tool that does excetly that.

In TechEd New Zealand 2012 Gayan Perera presented a talk named:
Advanced Bag of Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Developers

I've enjoyed the presentation very much.
It was about:
T4 Code generation
How to convert managed solution to unmanaged solution
and Form Script Analyzer.

Back to the tool:
The Form Script Analyzer is Console Application tool that exports the Web resources and where their functions are called.

You can download it here : Download
For detailed description go to the TechEd Video and skip to 39 minutes (My recommention is to see the whole thing)

I haven't tried the tool yet, but it seems promising.

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