Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dynamics CRM - small tip for formatted record name

Dynamics CRM 2011 - small tip for formatted record name

When there is a certain format to a record name it's best not to start it with the same initial all the time (unless it has a real purpose)

For example:
Let's say there is a custom entity called: new_certification and it's related to user,
If all new_certification records would start with lets say Certification, then it would be really annoying to use the lookup auto complete (It's when you are writing inside the lookup textbox, the CRM completes the name and sets the record for you).

General Role: Always write meaningful names to records and don't leave them empty!

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  1. works great Vs2010: but iis server is throwing error:-
    "ID4281: Cannot create a WindowsClaimsIdentity from an anonymous WindowsIdentity."

    Also logout button is not logging off.

    Please please help.