Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Upgrade ISV folde code from mscrm 4.0 to mscrm 2011

This is the MSDN article "Upgrade Code in the ISV folder to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011"
It gives almost everything one needs for making sure his code runs on mscrm 2011.
But the one thing it doesn't mention, gave me hell today.
In multi organization deployment you need to include the organization name in the path to the isv folder.
for example:
in mscrm 4.0 the path was:
In 2011 the path needed is
http://crm2011/organization name/isv...
otherwise it tries to authenticate the user with the user's default organization which might be different then the one needed.

Thanks for Without it I would have kept struggling with the code upgrade for quite some time.

One last thing:
It is better to really upgrade the code in ISV folder into something that stands by its own like WebResource(HTML, Silverlight) or separate application with it's own application pool. The ISV folder is officially deprecated.

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