Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MSCRM 2011 Mapping Opportunity Product to quote detail

This article is based on a blog about changing the opportunity product mapping to quote product in MSCRM 4.0

When i had to change the mapping in MSCRM 2011 Online I had a problem getting the mapping id because MSSQL is not reachable in ONLINE version.
The easiest way to get the mapping Guid was using the OData service.
1)* Go to the link SERVER URL/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc/EntityMapSet()

2) Find the Guid and saved it somewhere.
3) Go to any other relationship in QuoteDetail in your crm (If you can't see the url bar click ctrl+n)
4) Open the Mapping and get by using the developer tool it's url.
Example: mappings/mappingList.aspx?mappingId=%7b5019CFAA-7CA1-E011-8EE6-18A905732A15%7d
5) Replace the Guid from the last part with the mappingId
6) Open the new link in the browser
The link should look like
SERVER URL/tools/systemcustomization/relationships/mappings/mappingList.aspx?mappingId=%7b5019CFAA-7CA1-E011-8EE6-18A905732A15%7d

*It is also possible getting the Guid using ODataTool solution that is also very useful for other purposes.

Hope it helps..


  1. the url should look like this, if you add the appSolutionId parameter you won'y be able to add or delete mappings :)
    SERVER URL/tools/systemcustomization/relationships/mappings/mappingList.aspx?mappingId=%7b5019CFAA-7CA1-E011-8EE6-18A905732A15%7d

  2. Hi, it works fine when I manually convert the quote to order. However, I am using a plug-in that use ConvertQuoteToSalesOrderRequest, yet the order product doesn't reflect the custom field value.

    Quote product and order product are mapped for a custom field called "New_Rate" which is a multi-line text field.

    Does it not work when using the plug-in?

  3. Hi,
    Sorry I don't know the answer for that question.
    I think it suppose to work, Did you check if it works when you convert Quote to Order manually?

  4. Hi,
    This information is excellent! Why on earth isn't this more easily available in the GUI? Some of the design decisions made by the Dynamics CRM team have me confused.

    Will these modifications to the mappings be part of a solution that contains the source and target entity?

    1. I think it suppose to move with a solution. The easy way to check it would be getting the solution out, opening the zip and looking for it in the customization.xml.
      Another obvious option would be importing the solution and see if it works.
      Please comment if it's not :)

    2. I tried tho solution with the most recent version of CRM online, and even though the GUI shows the fields as mapped, none of the custom fields move from Quote to Order. Is this still working for anyone?

  5. Hi I have a similar problem, if I search for custom field I can't find them

  6. thank you, helped me alot

  7. hi
    i tried same in crm 2015 online to get mapping Guid in salesorderdetail and invoicedetail. But this mapping is not present in OrganizationData.svc
    Is there another way present to get mapping guid between Invoice product and order product