Monday, August 27, 2012

Dynamics CRM developers 101

Dynamics CRM developers 101

I'm not going to do tutorial or write developer's guide book, But I am going to recommend of what i think is the best way to start learning to develop on Dynamics CRM.

Here is the plan:
  1. Open/Install Dynamics CRM environment, It doesn't matter if it is online or on premise.
  2. Open the Dynamics CRM web site, look around, create, update and delete records.
  3. Do some customization, nothing fancy, just get the filling of the CRM.
  4. Download what I call the "Bible" of Dynamics CRM, The SDK.
    You can get to it through the web:
    Or download it to your computer: It is really well written, with lots of examples and walk thoughts
  5. Open it and start reading, get to know the SDK and what is in it, Most of your question's answers lays there.
  6. Get your hands dirty, Download the developer starter kit and start going over the chapters.
  7. Search the web, If you are reading this blog it means I don't need to tell you about searching the web :).

Well it is not a lot but it is a plan and it works, this is how I've learned to develop on the CRM,
Hope it helps.


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